"for unique expressions"
49th Year


Craig Lauterbach


    My artistic journey began in the early 70's after college in Southern California. My wife and I moved to beautiful Carmel and opened The Inquisitive Eye Gallery.   Five years later we opened our second gallery on Cannery Row in Monterey. The galleries were closed in the early 80"s giving me more time to create. Over the years, my art has been available in local galleries on the Monterey Peninsula.  I am currently showing at the Venture Gallery at the Portola Plaza in downtown Monterey.

   With no knowledge or experience in the temperament of wood, I soon found that many different woods breathe at different levels when joined together.  Being self-taught in the mastery of rare woods, I  learned many expensive lessons. 

   Developing your own style is a goal of many wood artisans. Changing styles over the last 50 years has been a creative experience that I enjoy. With each vision I design in wood, I am sharing a "unique expression" .